TAGRev the record label of the future!

We aim to help anyone with every single aspect of creating their own original piece of music that will rival anything you hear on the radio.


We use the very best equipment, hardware, software and computer tech available and our staff are very experienced producers who work with professional musicians day in and day out:

We just want to help people with talent bring their idea to life.

Once your track is finished we will have it professionally mixed and mastered at Manchesters premier mastering suite (80 hertz studios) then we will release it for you and give you all profits and full rights to your music.

You will own your music 100%, even if you become a global megastar.

You will write the song with us as part of a team, we will provide a great environment to help you relax and enjoy the process and you’ll be with your track for every single step (Even the mix and master if you wish)?

We want the whole process to be a really enjoyable experience for you and we aim to teach you the ins and outs along the way.

We believe that when you finish you’ll have the knowledge to be able to build your own studio and write your own music without any help at all.

So, lets get creative

See you in studio

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  • New Sound card setup! UAD – £2000 worth of plugins
  • Roli seaboard with the monstrous equator synth
  • The studio operates using Apple Macs running Ableton Live production software.
  • We have a 55″ HD Plasma Computer Monitor as the ultimate visual aid.
  • Ableton Push Midi Controller for hands on music creation and production.
  • Novation PushKey 42 Keyboard.
  • A Moog Theremini to help create the most wonderful bending and bloating waveforms.
  • A Moog Minotaur Analogue Bass Synth, providing the richest and most definable Bass on the market.
  • An Allen And Heath ZED14 Audio Desk with a Sapphire Pro14 Soundcard.
  • Top of the range SE Condenser Microphone enabling us to record vocal samples of the highest quality.
  • A Roland SPD-20 Drum machine, enabling us to free record sampled and synth drums straight to audio.
  • Yamaha HS8 Studio Reference Monitors (Speakers) providing top audio playback thats well respected throughout the industry.


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Listen to our tracks

Our full time studio staff!

Tom Lonsborough

Signed to Paper Recordings, Tom’s band ‘2billionbeats’ blends uplifting house with a healthy dose of big bass and new age tronics and has garnered Tom some serious praise over the years. Tom himself operates as head technician at Manchester Midi School and works as an Ableton Certified Trainer all over the globe helping upcoming artists reach the lofty heights they seek.

Tom Lonsborough


Dieter Lynch

Dieter has worked with many industry professionals to this point. He has names such Chase N Status, Markus Intalex and Benga on his CV and works as front man for upcoming electronic 3 piece ‘Lynch’. He has recently produced ‘Summertime’ for talented vocalist Leddy and is responsible for work with Lily and the Caves and 2 billion beats.

Dieter Lynch

Creative production advisor

Invest in your music talent now.  Just select a package and one of our representatives will be in touch to organise your studio time

£195 platinum pack – Assist you to craft your track, Assist you to design your track, mix your track, Professionally record each element of your track and then master and release your finished track

£25 per hour in the Studio – Assist you in laying down vocals, Assist you in laying down drum beats, Assist you in laying down and adding new parts

Studio time per hour

£40 to mix a track – Produce your final piece under professional tutelage

£55 to master a finished track – Finalize your professional piece ready for radio play and release

£60 to release the finished track – We will release the track across formats such as iTunes; Spotify, Bandcamp, Amazon music and you keep the profits and own the track